Are you a hot sleeper?

If hot flashes or night sweats are natural occurrence to you, then you are considered a hot or warm sleeper. You may have gotten used to waking up in the middle of the night sweaty but you must not deprive yourself a rejuvenating and sound night’s sleep. After all, getting eight hours of sleep every night can promote healthy brain function, ensure optimal daytime function and safety, and promote good physical health.

So how can you improve the quality of your sleep? Simple, invest in a wool topper

Try this queen size mattress topper made of natural, organic wool. This topper is made by Bio Sleep Concept, a firm with more than 30 years in the production and distribution of mattresses, furniture, fine linen, and bedding accessories.

The company specializes in natural wool products that can make people sleep better, such as this 3-inch topper.  It may sound weird to use wool, which is usually associated with keeping warm, to help stay cool.  But it does work. This topper is specially designed for people, like you, who often wake up perspiring heavily.

Bio Sleep Concept understands why there are people who are considered hot sleepers and more importantly, the firm has designed mattresses and toppers that are intended to aide them in getting a cool, restful night’s sleep.

Comfort – Natural wool provides a super plush sleeping experience
Support – Not ideal if you require support for aching joints
Durability – A top quality product. Made in USA
Price – Top of the range. But quality doesn’t come cheap.


Why should you buy this mattress topper?

1. 100% Organic Wool. This topper what you need as a hot sleeper. Wool can improve your sleep quality because it can absorb much of the perspiration that our bodies produce at night. This can make your skin dry and comfortable, so chances are you won’t be waking up at 2am in a pool of sweat.

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2. Temperature Regulation. Wool has the ability to regulate body temperature. Not only does it wick sweat away from your body.  It also insulates. This topper will keep you warm during the fall or winter.  You’ll avoid the extremes of feeling too hot or too cold, which can occur with toppers made from artificial materials or latex.

( This regulating effect is the main reason why wool is a favorite material for baby clothes because the little ones have trouble regulating their own body  temperatures. )

3. Super Plush Comfort. Wool makes a great material for a mattress topper because it is soft. It is naturally bouncy, springing back into shape when pressure is applied.  It won’t give the support of a modern topper, but will provide a whole new level of comfort if your existing mattress is too firm.

3. Ease of Maintenance. The occasional airing is all that is required.  Just take it out of the house to get some sunlight and air. This will revitalize the wool and make it last longer. Speaking of durability, you will notice that the stitching of the mattress topper is well-made. There’s enough spacing to prevent the wool padding from bunching up in one place.

4. Naturally anti-bacterial. Wool is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria. Thus you won’t have to worry about your health especially if you have asthma.

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We Love . . .

  • Motion absorbing.  Super soft, so there’s easy freedom of movement.
  • Unlike latex toppers, there’s no odor when you open the packaging.
  • Allergen free. So ideal for anyone with sensitive skin or a breathing impairment.
  • No chemical or rubber smell.  Just a natural odor of wool.

Things to Watch Out For

  • Lack of support.  This is a plush rather than supportive topper.
  • Price. At over $400 this isn’t for everyone.  Only those who enjoy a superior level of comfort.

What do reviewers on Amazon say?

Arguably the best advantage you’ll gain from having this mattress topper on your bed is that it won’t make you sweaty. As many reviewers note, It ‘breathes’ exceptionally well, so it won’t heat up overnight.

You’ll find buyers who have suffered from overheating at night for years, then made the change to a wool topper and never looked back.

The price is a point of contention for some.  Is it overpriced?  Possibly if compared to a latex topper.  But if this topper provides a cure for your hot sleeping over a long period of time, what price would you put on that?  Is, say, 50cents a night a good price to pay for two years of trouble free sleep?

Personally, I like the odor of natural wool.  But there again I grew up in the country.  If you have  a sensitive nose or are a city slicker then you will notice that wool does have a slight smell.  Some buyers comment on this.  But in reality, what would you prefer the chemical smell of memory foam or that of organic wool?

You won’t find complaints about the lack of support, as anyone looking to pay a significant amount for a topper will have done their research.  Different materials suit different types of sleeper.

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Aside from regulating body temperature well, another thing to like about this topper is that it can absorb motion. This means that you won’t be bothering your partner when you both sleep on this topper because there is very minimal vibration from your own movement.

You’re going to love the softness and comfort.  No argument about that.

This just leaves the price. It’s going to make you think twice as $50+ is a big investment. You could get three normal toppers for the same money.  However, think of it this way—you are paying for a premium mattress topper that is guaranteed to keep you cool all the time.

It comes down to the value that a ny hot sleeper puts on getting a good night’s rest.  Think of how different you would feel waking up cool and refreshed rather than hot, agitated and still sleepy.